Hope 3.0 (phys bones)

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Features :

→ 3.0 and fullbody ready
→ DPS compatible 

→ The unity package has a set of 8 prefabs , Ones that are built in with (Dynamic Penetration system) and ones without

→ It has 2 fbx's which gives more options to the buyer to choose which head they like and pick a prefab to upload

→ Everything hope is wearing (Clothes) is made especially for her from scratch by me

→ Custom icon menu

→ The assets that are bought on her are heavily edited and customized

→ She has Toggles for everything she's wearing (Tank top, Bodysuit, ect)

→ She can switch back and forth between having the cat hoodie on and her ears tucked in or her hair fully out

→ Dynamic bones and colliders set for her everywhere needed

→ Cute kitten Pawprints when she walks

→ A lot of fun accessories (glasses, eye patch , blindfold, cathood)


(Tank top, body suit, cat hood, thighhighs, blindfold, eyepatch , paws nipple patches, armwrap, arm straps, arm warmers

nails, thighwrap)


made fully from scratch in blender/marvelous designer and textured by me in substance painter

(not allowed to reuse under any circumstances)

Head 1 : Link

Heavily edited by babybeee#2201

(You are NOT allowed to use THIS heavily edited head that i made and added many custom blendshape keys to it)

Face Texture: edited by babybeee#2201 , not allowed for commercial use

Head 2 : Link

(buy the og asset do not use this editied version)

Base - i'm lexz heavily sculpted by babybeee#2201


buy the og one and use it , not this edited version

(You are NOT allowed to use THIS edited base)

Hair i edited 3 hairs :



Glasses : Link

collar : ничто#6666

Ears : Link

skull : Wheez#3520

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Hope 3.0 (phys bones)

32 ratings
I want this!